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Unsuccessful Poker Cheating

As poker is the popular game offering high winnings and good payouts, it is quite obvious that many players are interested in the possibilities to cheat playing this game. Most of them are sure that implementing cheating methods they can get more profits. Is that true?

Of course, we cannot deny the fact that several years ago cheating was absolutely possible way to hit a win playing poker at casinos. But today when almost all gamblers prefer play online poker cheating is not so popular as it was back at that time, moreover using of online cheating methods can easily be detected by casinos and that will lead the cheater to get banned. No matter whether you play online poker for fun at Poker.bovada.lv or play poker online for money, you will be banned at online casino for cheating.

The situation is a little bit different with traditional casinos and tournaments. The matter is that there are no such software as is used at top online poker sites, and only dealer, other players, and pit bosses can detect the cheater. Still, most of the players prefer not to cheat but to bluff, as this is better and absolutely safe method to hit the win. Nevertheless, there are some professional players who choose cheating methods.

Cheater or Not?

The most recent situation which had a great resonance in gambling world was accusation of Archie Karas of marking cards. He is one of most famous poker players who took part in huge number of poker tournaments, and who considered himself to be a king of gamblers, and marked cards playing blackjack! You will be really shocked reading this story, as it reveals some of the worst qualities of human character.

It is breaking news as all we tend to believe that professional gamblers never cheat playing poker games, blackjack, or even roulette. Who knows how many of the world famous poker players are cheaters? Maybe all of their winnings are just fiction?

In fact we do not think that there are many cheaters among poker players, as cheating is a valid reason to be expelled from the poker tour, and be banned to participate at any of them for years!

Online Cheating – Impossible is Still Impossible

Fortunately, we may be sure that there are no cheaters at US poker sites, as the software there denies the smallest possibility of cheating. Moreover playing at reliable casinos, you are protected from the cheating from casino side.

In order to win playing poker at online gambling house, follow the recommendations: learn to play poker, know the odds of the games and how to implement them, always check the gambling news, especially those concerning poker, and do not forget to practice. You can also participate in poker freeroll tournaments which allow poker players to pay poker without risking their own money but at the same time giving them opportunities to win real prizes. Most of the respectable online casinos have daily-weekly-monthly freerols so make sure you check them all.