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2012 Women Poker Hall of Fame

It is not only men who can do better in poker. Actually there are lots of women who are good in playing poker. Whether you are men or women, there are similar ingredients that you can find in players who are included in Poker Hall of Fame. Successful poker players show aggressiveness and they do not think of loose and tight aggressive game play, because they only use pure aggression in order to win. These players can definitely intimidate you even if they are women. If you will sit down at this table with these women, then they can intimidate you. These professional poker players are pros and have a different level of play.

You need to know that these famous women poker players plays with their opponents more than they play cards. They are very smart to know when to take risk and when they can put other players at risk. They can totally control the game and take advantage of every situation. Timing is also very important in poker and this is what they do the most. They already master the art of timing so you need to be very careful with these women.

Debbie Burkhead – Famous Woman Poker Player

The first on the list is Debbie Burkhead, who is a poker player and an industry professional. She already won more than $170,000 cash in different WSOP games. She also worked for Poker Digest and now earned the position as National Sale Director of the Poker Player Newspaper. Victoria Coren who is a journalist and a poker player won the European poker Championships during 2006 in London. She also gained respect by winning NO Limit Hold’em and Monte Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final. Annie duke is an author and a poker player who won WSOP bracelet, National Heads up Challenge title and Tournament of Champions title. She is also a teacher at the same time.

Deborah Giardina – Poker Game Winner

Another industry professional is Deborah Giardina. She started her career in poker at the age of 25 and held lots of great positions in the poker industry as Director of Poker Operations. Karina Jett originated from Las Vegas and she is connected to poker all her life because her parents are an avid poker players. She is the 2nd at WSOP Ladies Championship. She is now the Ambassador for MGM Grand Poker Room. Karina holds her throne in WiPHoF Board. Last is Isabel Mercier and she has a total winnings of $1,200,000 this year. She got the position as a Poker Room Manager in Aviation Club de France. Her biggest accomplishment is when she won WPT Ladies Night and she is 2nd at Master Classic of Poker. Today, she is working in BetClic as consultant for their poker online site.

The truth is that it is not easy to gain respect in the world of poker but if you are determined, you need to stay focus and give your life to poker. These women are very successful in their chosen field because they put their heart and mind into it.