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Stud Poker Games - How to Enjoy Playing

In every game it is possible to find several variations of the same game. The rules and regulations guiding such games usually differ but looking closely at the requirements there are more of borrowed from the original ones which are usually applied in the original game. The variations are not implications that the level of enjoying poker is reduced all players who understand all the variations however can know better the version which suits them best.

A Brief Overview of the History of Stud Poker

Stud poker games are some of the variations that are found in this game that is played in different parts of the world. Initially this game was played by soldiers during the American Civil war with the participants playing on both sides. The game became common not only among soldiers but to civilians as well.

The fame of this poker game is assumed to be the main contributor of its various versions that have evolved over the recent years as the number of players increase. During its introduction the most common type was the 3 cards game which was popular among people during the American Revolutionary war. It was improvised by the soldiers who played its different version of the five card stud. Since then there are several stud poker games that have been developed.

Stud Poker Game Variations

The most popular form of this game is probably the seven card stud even though there are other variations which began as ad hoc games and have gained subsequent fame over time. There are those which have even gained specific names among those who play them frequently. Even though some of the game rules are embedded in the original play, there are those which have incorporated special features that are unique and specific to them.

The alligator stud which is one of the variations of the game is known to begin with a single hole card together with one up card. It is the followed immediately by the first betting and the up cards are dealt to every player. This variation also has another of its own form of playing the same game in different parts of the world and is referred to as the Zanetti stud. All the games of these variations are well played at pot limit or at no limit.

Eight or better represents one of the stud poker games that is the commonly played among all the variations. It is also known as the “stud eight” or the “seven eight”. It is played as a seven card stud and the pot is split among two main players with the highest hand and the one with the lowest hand. The no qualifier version is one of the variations of this game that is played against similar rules with one major exception that no qualifier is required for the lower half of the pot.

Among other such games include the Mississippi and Mexican stud which are slowly gaining popularity among poker fans. With the variations of poker it is hard not to find the game that suits best.