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The web world is teeming with many poker rooms wherein you can play Texas Hold’em. While not all these poker rooms are good, there are some that are bad too and others that are very good too....

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Hold’em poker is an interesting game but there are several different variants that exist. Anyone who has played too much of a home game would know that new rules and new games come up almost every day. Two poker games can seem to be totally different from one another but they are all poker after all. Poker would remain the same, no matter how many rules you modify. No matter what type of a game you are playing, the thought process and the basic skills would remain the same for all of them. If you want to try different poker variations, you should become a member of online casino. Don't miss an opportunity to visit this Australian Online Casino, it's just an awesome site.

Poker process

Poker and all its variants follow this same process:

1.    Putting the other players on the table on hands.

2.    Evaluate your own hand

3.    Know how your opponent would react to your actions.

4.    Based on the above points come up with the most profitable plan of action.

People who have been playing hold’em for too long would no longer be aware of this process. It goes on in the background but the player would fail to make a conscious effort to follow it to make a good decision. No matter how interesting the game is, if you play it for too long you would surely get bored. Playing different types of poker games would keep it interesting and would also exercise your mind.

Poker Variants

The super duper twist is one of the best poker variants. In this game the dealer would ante $2 and declare any type of game that he wishes too. All of the blinds and the raises would be $2 except for the final betting round when it would be $3. Most of the games would also be played with a high low chip declare. Everyone who is left in the game after the final round of betting would have to put one, two or three chips in a closed fist. Everyone would have to then open their fists at once and declare which way they would be going. Any player with one chip would be going for low, the one with two chips would be going high and the one with three chips would have to win the high outright against all the other players who are going high and low against the ones going low if he/she wants to win the pot.

This is basically a six card stud game, all the players would be dealt one down card and one up card followed by one round of betting. After that the players would be given another up card followed by the next betting round. This would be followed with a third card and another betting round, followed by the fourth up card and betting. After this the players would be given a down card and then there would be betting.

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At this point everyone would have six cards fin all and the players have the option of twisting. A player can exchange two of his cards for the deck cards for $5 and for $7, he can exchange three of his cards and for $12 he can exchange all of his cards which would then be followed by the last round of betting.

It is interesting because you get an opportunity to change your hand during the game and the player with the button has a good advantage to see how his hand stands before he decides to draw. This is all there is to the super duper twist game. You should be experimental and try new games and come up with your own versions too.