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Poker Hands

The web world is teeming with many poker rooms wherein you can play Texas Hold’em. While not all these poker rooms are good, there are some that are bad too and others that are very good too....

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Rules for Playing Hold'em Poker

Ina the hold’em poker game the players would first receive two cards placed face down after which the first round of betting would begin. Three cards are revealed simultaneously on the board which is known as flop and then the second round of betting would take place. The next two cards on the board are revealed one at a time and a round of betting follows every card. Any five cards can be used by a player from among the cards on the board as well the cards that the player has. 

Betting rounds

  •  Hole cards or pocket cards are the first two cards dealt to a player as an opening deal, these are placed face down.
  • The player who is seated on the left to the big blind would start the game, all the players can call the big blind, raise the blind or fold the cards.
  •  On the flop the dealer would reveal three community cards on the board and would place them face up.
  • In the second round, the player sitting left to the dealer button would start and each player has the option of either placing a bet or checking.
  •  At the turn, the dealer would burn another card and place the fourth card on the board face up. This card is known as fourth street or also as a turn card.
  • The third round of betting would proceed just as the previous rounds.
  • After the third round of betting the dealer would reveal the final card and place it on the board. The fifth card is known as the fifth street or the river card.
  • After the last card is revealed the last round of betting follows.
  • Once the final betting round is completed, the showdown would occur in which players would show their best hands using any of the five cards. The highest value hand would win the pot or split it in case of a tie.

Other Rules


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  • In a situation where the first or the second card dealt to a player is exposed it would result in a misdeal. The dealer would then retrieve the card, shuffle and deal the player another card.
  • If there are too many cards on the flop it would need to be dealt again.
  • If the cards flop prematurely before the end of the betting round then they would need to be redealt, and in this case the cards on the board too would be mixed with the deck and redealt.
  • If the fourth card on the board is turned before the end of the betting round then the card would have to be taken out for that particular round. The dealer would then burn and turn a card after the round of betting as the fourth card on the board. After the next round of betting, the dealer would shuffle the deck again and then reveal the final card.
  • If by an error the dealer would deal an extra card to the first player after all players have received their cards then the card would have to be returned to the deck and used as a burn card.
  • If a player decides to play the board then he/she would need to declare it before throwing the cards away, otherwise they would loose the claim on the pot.