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The web world is teeming with many poker rooms wherein you can play Texas Hold’em. While not all these poker rooms are good, there are some that are bad too and others that are very good too....

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Playing multi player online tournaments of Texas Hold'em

No matter how great an enthusiast you are of poker, there would come a day when playing at the regular online tables would get boring. The best thing to do to make things interesting at this point is to find a different type of environment to play in. A multi player online tournament of Texas Hold’em is the best way to do that.

Different tournaments aren't unusual at 888poker, where all sorts of players gather to test their skills and luck.

You must remember though, that compared to the regular tables your chances of winning at a multi player tournament would be really slim so you should be ready for that. You would need to use some good strategies if you want to survive the competition of the hundreds of players that would be playing the tournament.


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Some players believe that playing aggressively early on would be the best to double your stack. The only problem with this is that there are so many wild players at the start of the tournament who would just as well hand over their money to you. Rather than doing that, you should play a tight game in the beginning and only play the good hands. Once when most of the loose players are out of the game and you identify a few weak players from whom you could get a few chips then you can start betting a bit more towards the middle of the tournament.

If you play well and you do survive till the last stages of the online tournament then you would notice that the remaining players get a lot more conservative and everyone would be trying to bust other. In such a situation you would be able to steal a few chips to get you ready for the bigger game later on.

Your main goal should be simply to reach to the end of the tournament. If you think of winning the money all the time it would affect your play negatively and it doesn't matter whether you play online poker or online roulette. And bad decisions would certainly not help you at all at an online tournament.