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Poker Hands

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Basics of Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker plays with six players plus the dealer and it is played with the used of one deck of 52 cards including the joker. Joker plays an important role in this poker game because it can be used in straights, flush or acts as ace. If you want to win, you need to beat the dealer. The main objective of this game is that players should create 2 poker hands from the 7 cards that was dealt. These hands should follow the basic poker rule. It is important that the value of 2 cards must not surpass the value of 5 cards. Cards will be called according to the placement or the setting of players. It is possible that 2 card hand will be called as minor, in front, or on top, while 5 card hand will be called as behind, bottom or big. The 2 card hand is termed as front because it is close to the dealer, while the 5 card hand is termed as behind because it is closer to the player.

The Dealing

Right after shuffling, all cards will be served in 7 piles with 7 cards and each pile facing downward. The 4 cards remaining will be kept untouched. All players will get an assigned number starting from 1 to 7 as betting position. It will begin from the dealer and it will move clockwise on top of the center. Numbers from 1 to 7 will be chosen with the use of a dice or electronically and the deal will begin counter clockwise. In case of a vacant spot, it will be assigned on a discard pile with 4 untouched cards.

How To Win at Pai Gow

If you want to win at the five-card hand and two-card hand, then it is important that you hold a winning hand that will beat the dealer. If only one hand strikes the dealer and the other hand does not, then it is considered as tie and no prize will be exchanged at the end of the game. It is known as push. If cards are pushed, then nothing happens. Note that as you compare hands between the player and the dealer, if it is tie the banker will win. This will only happen if the banker has a tie on both hands, 1 hand beat the player or one hand tie with the player. It is also called push, if only one hand is tie and the other hand of the player wins.

The best strategy that a player can do is to create the two-card hand high and leave five-card hand at the back. Player of the game may also use higher five-card hands or an Ace on top. If you are confused, then you can use the House Way because the House strategy is the best approach. House earn money by requiring 5% commission from all winnings. This poker game is very interesting and easy if you will spend more time and effort playing and mastering the game.